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GoldenPeaks Capital Trading is our energy trading company. It trades renewable energy produced by our own power plants, each one operated and controlled by GoldenPeaks Capital Energy and in association with its management affiliate, Mercer.

“By owning and implementing all renewable system technologies, from electricity generation to distribution, GoldenPeaks Capital Trading is able to provide a holistic approach along the full photovoltaic value chain. In this way we take responsibility for the sale of our generated energy, incorporating the very best features of the full IPP approach.”
Adriano Agosti Chairman

The Need for Trading

Renewable electricity supply relies to a large extent on the general environmental conditions: cloud-cover, wind, humidity, temperature, particulates, to name but a few. Mitigating the effects of supply variance is critical and its management and balancing represents a key differentiator of the GoldenPeaks Capital Energy business.

GPCE are owner-operators of the complete provision value chain, from reliable, efficient generation to distribution of renewable energy. As a large-scale Independent Power Producer (IPP), it is important for GPCE to match the requirements of its PPA clients with certified clean energy sources. In order to do this effectively, we have established our own in-house trading department – GoldenPeaks Capital Trading – to best serve our clients and optimise our grid-connected and, later, stored supplies.
Our Pillars

Guarantees &

GoldenPeaks Capital Trading trades own electrons, not the derivatives of others. We offer different contract structures either on immediate base-load or forecast-load requirements and authenticate our stock with RE100-compliant source evidence (Guarantees of Origin) and full CO2 Certificate trading capability.
Our Tools
GoldenPeaks Capital Trading benefits from the full skillset of the wider GoldenPeaks Capital group: a global organisation that controls the full value chain and supporting processes within its governance and interests.


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GoldenPeaks Capital have many years’ experience in commodity trading on various exchanges and are expert in understanding and managing markets and therefore servicing its clean energy clients. The GoldenPeaks Capital Services in-house legal and accounting team also ensure best practice, compliance, and administrative efficiencies.


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Financial, operational and market risks are critical elements of commodity trading. GoldenPeaks Capital Trading maintains sophisticated risk management, process and controls. The risk policies are determent, centrally exposed and analysed daily with processes continuously reviewed and updated.


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GoldenPeaks Capital Trading, which trades GoldenPeaks Capital Energy produced electricity, is subject to the oversights of authorities in different countries. With this our business is strongly regulated, and we provide clear corporate protocols and a strict compliance programme, together with dedicated internal management.


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GoldenPeaks Capital Trading maintains a number of advanced systems serving supporting risk control, trading and finance. This information enhances our trading positions and best financial exposure on a daily basis and is integrated and overarching from the powerplant to the consumer. Our operations and asset-related activities are supported by advanced specialist applications.


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For over 20 years GoldenPeaks Capital has successfully built relationships in the financial sector including diverse banking partnerships. As a growing business, with interests in multiple countries, we have always established contributing local presence establishing independent profitable structures based on four continents.


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GoldenPeaks Capital Trading is part of the GoldenPeaks Capital group. Our flat governance structure facilitates efficient decision making and optimal best practices. This ensures we remain agile and efficient in day to day operations. GCPT’s management team works in close coordination with the group Board of Directors.


Principal Office

Maltese Office
216, Level 6, Rosa Marina Bldg
Marina Seafront
Pieta PTA 9041